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White Label Forex Solutions for CFDs & Crypto


Without significant development resources, businesses and startups may easily and rapidly build their own branded Forex platform by utilizing a White Label solution. In fact, these experts have built a white label crypto exchange that provides customization and security over everything else. The company runs PayBito, a U.S.-based crypto exchange, and a crypto payment processor known as BillBitcoins. Some of its other services include digital asset investment, blockchain education, ICO services, and software solutions.

White Label Forex Solutions is an effective end-to-end solution to get your brokerage business up and running quickly. White Label from XCritical has a one-stop trading platform with essential services for launching. A user-friendly back office makes it easy to work, helps build a strong affiliate network, and reach your business goals. White Label Crypto Exchange is an advantageous and ready-to-use solution to launch your trading platform in several quick steps, skipping months of software development.

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Platform providers benefit by licensing their software to multiple brokers, while forex brokers enjoy a quicker entry to the market, armed with a platform that’s both reliable and state-of-the-art. X Open Hub offers business owners their innovative high-level product, XOH Traders, a trading platform to empower clients with advanced trading features, tools, and modes. Brokerage businesses may integrate this platform
as a White Label solution. Established and experienced broker with customizable services for professional advisors and brokers, offering fast and efficient access to global markets with risk management tools.

best forex white label solutions

New brokerages that choose white label packages receive a key to a comprehensive and feasible business solution for a monthly/annual fee. This all-inclusive solution offers a ready-to-go brokerage infrastructure, allowing you to eliminate development concerns and concentrate on marketing. The white branding fee for IBKR is not disclosed and can vary depending on the level of customization needed and the broker’s specific requirements. To obtain an accurate quote, it is necessary to contact IBKR directly and discuss the requirements. The application review process takes approximately 2-3 weeks, and initial funding of $10,000 must be deposited into the account, which will be applied towards the first five months of commissions. Partnering with a CFD white label provider is critical for your operation and will have your business running with maximum abundance, and will keep your traders with you for the long haul.

Building Stronger Partnerships in Forex

Like in the gold rush era, crypto exchanges are the “shovel and pick sellers” of the  booming crypto industry. Crypto exchanges are a major way to capitalize on the multi-billion-dollar crypto industry because most crypto activities happen on exchanges, infact 95% of activity are on these exchanges. However, building a crypto exchange comes with many complications and costs before it is ready to launch. Based in California, they offer bespoke and highly functional crypto exchanges to their clients. In a multicurrency denominated margin account model the broker needs to control the equity on all his margin accounts in order to provide execution for all his clients. This means the broker has to keep more funds – close to 100% of client funds, on his margin accounts to avoid rejections for client orders due to insufficient funds.

The white label cryptocurrency exchange solution that you work with will design the trade engine, user interface, and admin panel. So, all you have to do is customize the platform based on your requirements and those of your target customers. A white label forex program is essentially a ready-made trading platform provided by a third party, which brokers can rebrand and offer to their clients as their own. Instead of building a platform from scratch, brokers can leverage these pre-existing solutions, saving time, effort, and significant capital.

Multibrand/desks/locations support

Size and strength You can simply upgrade when your traffic increases and you need more speed. In order to keep up with the company’s fast growth, Exberry’s technology is exchange-grade and enables low latency and high volume throughput. Get the most out of your investment Flexible pricing means that entrepreneurs may spend their money where they need it most, without losing capacity or security. The REST and WebSocket API connection methods are supported by the solution, which is convenient.

  • Faced with challenging tasks in life, I have developed the habit of thinking rationally and creatively to solve problems, which not only helps me develop as a person, but also as a professional.
  • In fact, these experts have built a white label crypto exchange that provides customization and security over everything else.
  • The forex market’s competitive landscape has made it imperative for brokerage companies to seek efficient and cost-effective solutions.
  • This exchange platform’s send/receive tab displays information about the sender, including the time stamp, the amount, and the transaction ID.
  • This platform offers traders a seamless trading experience with built-in copy trading and crypto capabilities.

Tracking the users’ performance is an advantage in a White Label Forex broker work due to identifying problems early, implementing updates, or offering new tools. Whitelable exchange solution provides various payment methods to complete transactions, ensuring high speed and security of transfers. https://www.xcritical.com/white-label-forex-solutions/ AI-based, one-of-a-kind online assistant for investors to provide 24/7 expert help and minimize human involvement in customer support service. Affiliate management system to start marketing campaigns and business promotion with advanced tools for evaluating your partners’ overall performance.

Multiple Languages

Our team is committed to providing you with unparalleled support, expertise, and guidance throughout your journey. We understand the intricacies of the forex market and are passionate about helping you achieve your business goals. Allowing users to trade on multiple exchanges, with various products, from different locations is an edge for a broker over competitors. All-in-one cryptocurrency trading service where users make transactions, compare quotes, place orders, and monitor activity in a convenient format.

best forex white label solutions

The basics of sexchanges are fairly easy to understand, but like with all things crypto, the deeper you go, the more there is to process. Like the decentralized exchange, it uses smart contracts to eliminate the need for a middleman. However, it also offers the https://www.xcritical.com/ low latency and quick transactions that a centralized exchange provides. As a cryptocurrency entrepreneur, you might feel the need to develop your system from the ground up. Data shows that Bitcoin adoption in the United States as of June 2019 was 5 percent.

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